I am not a blogger.  Yep, those are my first words to start off this…..blog.  Truth is, I’m a terrible blogger but I LOVE to write.  I mostly write science fiction and I’ve been working for quite some time now on my first sci-fi book.  This has recently led to a lot of frustration regarding other creative outlets for myself.

Here’s an example:


This is Miss Jewel and I thought I’d go ahead and crown her since she’s my princess!  This is actually from awhile back (when I was also frustrated) but you catch my drift I’m sure.

I need to steer away from my sci-fi world sometimes and I’m choosing to do that with a picture blog.

This creative experiment of sorts might not travel down a straight  road and I’m sure there will be bumps and sharp turns at times but you might enjoy the journey anyway.  It begins now……..