Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on enjoyable things.  My favorite t.v. shows are being watched  (or at least played as background noise while I write), more attention is being paid to what I wear, and I try to take time out to have fun every single day. 

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:


Trying different things out with my appearance.  It’s really been quite fun!  Even little things like having less layers cut in my hair to see how it grows out or a different shade of eye shadow.


I also have so many clothes that I’ve been taking time out to wear things I’ve just had sitting in my closet.  It’s so easy sometimes to just wear jeans and a sweater but it’s really been brightening my mood to take the extra time out.






Discovering what’s really important in life and doing what I love!






Deciding when and where I will be adopting a new kitten!  I’m so excited about this because I haven’t had a kitten in so long but I know I have  to take my time and find the right new family member to adopt.  He or she has to be compatible with Miss Jewel(who loves cats, BTW!) but I know she will enjoy watching a little fluff ball running around the house too!

creative-furnitures-04Most importantly, I have been taking time out for myself for the first time in a long time.  Even though I’ve been forced to due to injuries, it’s still teaching me an important lesson that I will practice for the rest of my life.  

What are you enjoying right now?