I was in the grocery store the other day and walked past a lottery machine.  I had never purchased from a machine before so  I turned around to put a dollar in only to find it already lit up and ready.


As I looked around quickly like I was doing something wrong  it occurred to me that if it wasn’t me that got the free ticket, it would be the next person but…was it meant for me?

I’ve known so many people over the years that have repeated the words “It was meant to be”  whether it was something good or bad that happened.



I’ve been wondering a lot about the fate of people in general.  What I mean is, there might be another person somewhere that walks by a lottery machine with a dollar left behind, presses the button and it actually prints out the winning ticket for them. 


It would be easy for them and  those close to them to think it was meant for them to be in that store at that time and say “it was meant to be.”

But was it?

This question could be debated until the world ends (2012? …hehehe) but this is one of the things in life that can really never be proven.


This life can be so wonderous and intricate in it’s beauty.  It can be so huge and over populated in places and in others seem so small and desolate.  There are worlds within worlds on this infinitely mysterious planet that no matter where the answers hide, I will always enjoy the search.

jackluvsazndeek17 Do you believe in fate?