Absolutely everything in life that makes us feel sad or uncomfortable can be turned around.  Summer3256331111

This picture brightened my mood when I came across it.

It might sound silly  but it really does work for me!

I’m not talking about just bringing up pretty pictures.  It’s anything that makes me feel better in a moment when I feel scared or sad. 

There’s been a lot of that lately and I’m sure I won’t escape it in years to come or…ever for that matter.


That doesn’t mean I have to let the sadness or the fear overwhelm me though.  It hasn’t been easy to focus my attention on something different when in the middle of a crisis but is has to be done!  It’s essential in fact!



No matter what’s going on in your life, picture positivity every chance you get!

If you get dumped, go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air.

If you lose your job, buy yourself a special treat and take a few days for yourself before even thinking about looking for another one.

If you’re not feeling well, rest your body while putting your attention on happy and funny things!



 Whatever obstacles are placed in front of you in life, find a way around them or better yet, blow them out of your reality!

Grab your life in your hands and hold your palace…or paradise there firmly.

My point is, it’s okay to cry and freak out when life deals you a bad hand.  Lately, I’ve been taking those tears and reminding myself that it’s time to turn my back on them.  I do something fun, even if it’s watching something on television or writing in this blog. 

Get it?  I’m not ignoring the problem, I’m refueling!

What do you do to refuel?


P.S.  I hope I’m not sounding all LOA or anything.  This is not the vibe I intended.  If anyone wants to know my views on that or wants me to write a blog on it, let me know because I do indeed have an opinion on it.  🙂