I write by sunlight too!  I’ve always just written better at night although lately that hasn’t been the case. 

I’m trying to finish a book you see.  Something I’ve been working on for quite some time now.  It was slow going at first…

Then, one day I decided to let my Dad have a look at my writing.

He didn’t have long to live at that time so it was important to me to have that final approval.

Long story short, he told me to go for it with no hesitation.  He wanted me to do what felt right with no doubts in my head as to whether I should write along certain lines or hold back.

I’ve been hesitating lately…thinking too hard I suppose and thus making changes left, right and inbetween!

I feel this pressure to not hold back yet I’m holding back, if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway, so I have a sort of writer’s block at the moment even though I know exactly what I want to write…..what I need to write. 

I sit in front of the keyboard each night and basically freeze right there.   I do other things in hopes of getting a flow started and usually that works but no dice lately.

And I have to finish…..I have to finish!

So yes, there’s been a lot of frustration lately because this book is very important to me.  It’s been something I’ve been mixing and simmering within me for several years and I finally have the time at night to make a reality.

But sometimes you have to step away from it and I like to think there’s a reason for the freeze, you know?

In the meantime, I’ll be blogging and tweetin away like a damn fool!  Heck, I’ve even been noticing the nutty frustration showing through in my twits (as I like to call them…stay tuned for my whole take on that evil internet demon that I just can’t tear myself away from 😉 )

If any of you like science fiction, you can check out my short story page here:


It is yet another creative outlet for me.  You will hopefully see some more of my work there soon.  These little side stories come to me while working on the big book.  They are nothing like the big book but I have enjoyed getting a little weird and poetic with the short storylines.

Until then, I’ll be waiting under the stars with my keyboard!  😉