So I’ve realized recently how hard it is for me to stay  focused.  I know why and always have.  It has to do with how stressed out I am and for the past year I’ve been REALLY stressed.  As a result, my life has gone into a very speedy, grumbling, swirling downward spiral.

Yep, about as speedily as this ball of ice would melt in the dry arid desert!


Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can push through the freeze.  The freeze is what I do when I’m emotionally stressed.  A lot of other people have this same problem and so far the only solution I’ve come up with is to just continue the best you can.

For me, that has meant sometimes only getting  the most important

things taken care of.  If I were doing everything I was supposed to right now, I’d be very busy indeed but alas, it’s not happening!


Oh how I would love to be one of those people who get more things accomplished under stress.

I’ve stood by and watched those kinds of  people and they just fascinate me.  I mean, what exactly do they do in order to stay focused no matter what?

I guess in a way, I’m sort of putting myself and this problem out there for some feedback.  For example, if I’ve had a stressful day or have been around low energy manipulative people, I just do what I absolutely have to and then leave the rest for when I feel more relaxed.

Well, I’ve realized that if that relaxed day doesn’t come for five days, I won’t work on my book or organize my closet or……..the list goes on and on let me tell ya!


I just want to have everything in its place and be able to keep it that way while in the middle of a tornado of stress.


I want to be able to focus in the middle of a stress storm.


So what do you do to stay focused while under pressure?


I’m determined to push my way through this and get my life back in order!