It started out very innocently and with the hope of having a little creative outlet outside of my writing.  I mean, it was just short bursts that you “tweet” out from your computer or cell.

It asked “What are you doing?”…..awesome! And I got to see what others were doing too!

That was two years ago

Now, the question is “What’s Happening?


Because twitter is no longer the fun creative outlet I had so much fun with in the beginning.

Now, it’s filled with  people linking to their websites in hopes of making money or promoting themselves……..OR people @@@ to other people every five minutes…or two minutes ;)……..OR the people who tweet because (and this might be a little hard to believe, haha!) they like to brag about their life and/or see their name/picture show up on the timeline.

While twitter was evolving to this level and becoming more and more popular by the day, I would sign in each day and notice the changes.

After an initial bout of being disappointed, I decided to try and adapt.  I began tweeting to people and updating a little more than I felt comfortable with.

Over this past summer I was recovering from some injuries and as a result found myself tweeting  more than I ever thought I would.  

I’d lie in bed with the laptop and have my tweetdeck running as I wrote or watched a movie.

Twitter became a sort of people watching at that time and I realized how much you  can actually learn about people.  As a writer, I have always enjoyed watching people out in public, observing how they interact with others…..and then watching their masks come off once they part from their company.

The internet (and particularly twitter) is a  kind of modern  day  people watching.  I’ve found  that people love to hide behind their monitor’s and keyboards.  I can’t count the number of times  I’ve caught a twitter buddy in a lie or exaggerating about their life.  The more interesting part to me though, is how oblivious these people are to how obvious those lies and exaggerations are!

Anyway, I digress.  As much as the internet and twitter kept me company  over the summer while I healed, I’m finding I’m no longer so curious to learn more about the strangers behind their keyboards.  After taking a step back recently, I realized the most important thing of all about  the internet and the addiction of twitter.  Quality is A LOT more important than quantity.

It’s not about blogging(or vlogging) every day or tweeting every hour.  What you put out there on the internet will come back to you in quality and quantity. 

I had to step back and ask myself who I wanted to surround myself with.  When a fellow writer “follows” me, it’s nice to know that they aren’t just wanting me to follow back out of common interest only to unfollow me two days later and hope I don’t notice. 

Is this the kind of world the land of twitter is?  I personally have found that the answer is unfortunately a big fat YES!…..IF you’re not careful with who you surround yourself with.

This is why I’m taking a step back from the internet.  I realized recently that no one will miss my tweets.  Heck, they will probably just unfollow me if they find me no longer active for a certain amount of time.  Why?  Because I’m obviously not looking at THEIR tweets.   I know it’s not like that in regards to everyone but I’m finding they are few and far between and I need to find more of them!

So yes, I will still surf into twitterland now and then but I will mostly try and provide more quality to this blog and my professional writing.

And now I’m off to do some people watching… know, old school style  😉