So I’m sitting here having a little break like I always try to do mid-day.  I’m feeling waaay creative as usual but know there’s not enough time to work on the book, sooo……

coffeeI thought I’d ask you all how you prefer to take your breaks!


Mine always involve coffee or hot tea and usually a computer is involved too, haha!


At the moment I’m finishing a mexican latte and feel like I can continue with the rest of my day.  I even just tweeted about it, it was so good!




green-teaOf course in the evenngs or really chilly day’s, I try to stay more hydrated and warmed up with a nice hot cuppa tea.


I love it all.  Green tea is still my favorite but Black and White along  with the odd Chai latte is just so comforting.

It’s so important to take breaks and rest your body during the day.  Unfortunately, I have discovered how truly important it is the hard way after pushing my body way too far over the years.  The good part is that I’m still fairly young and I’m learning to relax earlier rather than later so there’s still hope for me yet!


boston-tea-party-2006I hope you are all taking time out during your day to just relax, have fun and take your mind off any stresses you have!

So what do you do for yourself to de-stress? What’s your favorite coffee, tea, or beverage?

Comment below!  I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 


It’s Monday evening and I’ve got a vanilla coffee candle flickering in my bedroom while I lounge in bed typing this up.

As much as I hate for summer to end, there are things about fall and winter that are appealing…


Growing up, it was always so nice to arrive home on a chilly day to find candles lit and hints of more cozy to accompany even more chilly weather.


It’s a time of year when we all start spending more time indoors.  Fires flicker from our windows and extra blankets  are brought out.  Let the hibernation begin!



What do you do to cozy your home up for winter?

 I am not a blogger.  Yep, those are my first words to start off this…  Truth is, I’m a terrible blogger but I LOVE to write.  I mostly write science fiction and I’ve been working for quite some time now on my first sci-fi book.  This has recently led to a lot of frustration regarding other creative outlets for myself.

Here’s an example:


This is Miss Jewel and I thought I’d go ahead and crown her since she’s my princess!  This is actually from awhile back (when I was also frustrated) but you catch my drift I’m sure.

I need to steer away from my sci-fi world sometimes and I’m choosing to do that with a picture blog.

This creative experiment of sorts might not travel down a straight  road and I’m sure there will be bumps and sharp turns at times but you might enjoy the journey anyway.  It begins now……..